Membership Criteria and Fee

GHTDC offers 3 types of membership 1. Active Membership 3. Honorary Membership 2. Allied Membership The basic criteria to become Active member of GHTDC, the interested members has to have at least one year of legal operation (in the case of Trekking, travel, rafting, hotels etc..) experience of the business and in the case of person he/she should be loyal and social person and should not be legally punished person in social eyes. Allied membership is especially from overseas it could be a person, an organization or tour and travel agents too. The companies such as Airlines, Hotels, International tour and travel agents, Trekking Agents, Mountaineering Agents, Rafting, Expedition, Tourism related academy, Restaurants, and any other tourism related business are eligible for Allied Member. Any corporate house may apply for Allied Membership. Honorary membership is especially for those who contribute to our organization. It could be any social prestigious organizations and persons from national or abroad/international. This membership will distribute free of cost and will be continuously renew until and unless the honored member denies/disagrees.

Membership Criteria:

You may down load a membership form from our website ( The form consists of Membership form, you simply fill up form and send us your personal details. - Full name - Nationality - Age - Gender - Profession - Way to pay Rs. 1000/- membership fees but in the case of organization please send us your office details, - Office name - Office contact address - Nature of business - Contact person name - Nature of business (Trekking/Rafting/Travel agency) All the above mentioned complete documents from the applicant will be reviewed by the GHTDC membership coordinator and will approve but may ask more help if any insufficient information/s. Then the GHTDC membership coordinator will present the report on Board Meeting. The final decision on granting the membership to the applicant company shall remain with the GHTDC executive board. The applicant company will then receive a letter of grant of membership and request for payment of membership fee.

Membership Fees:

Entry Fee: Rs 500/- (One time only) Annual Fee: Rs 1000/- (Annual Recurring fee) Each member will have to renew GHTDC membership in each fiscal year with Rs 1000/- as an annual fee. Rs. 500/- fine will be applied if the payment is not made within 3 months from the starting of next fiscal year. If the member failed to pay all the dues by that fiscal year, the GHTDC membership will be automatically void.

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