Who we Are?

We are a team of young, energetic, full of enthusiasm; optimistic and mysterious unite mission and vision in order to promote tourism in Ganesh Himal ruby valley. After various steps talk about this project with locals, tourism entrepreneurs and even with our district political parties finally we decided we need to form an organization which can lead the entire Ganesh Himal region to promote tourism. We do have innumerable organizations in the name of promote tourism but may be lack of co-ordination, communication and possibly inactive role it has not seen much of result.

Our present Executive committee members (ECM) are from Ganesh Himal region where we born, grown up and studied. Most of us are in tourism business and every one has not less than 20 years of experience in the same field. We were sometimes porter, cook, Sherpa and guide now having our own companies. We have young energetic trek guides in our committee who did, does and will be doing trekking and lots of adventurous activities in the coming days in Nepal, Tibet and India.

Those company bearer have excellent theoretical ideas but then those field workers have remarkable ideas how village tourism has developed in other countries or areas and obviously in every meeting we share ideas how we can develop or promote in our area in a better way. After all these combinations we are one solid core of team anything we do in order to promote tourism to uplift locals life in economically, socially and culturally we never say "No" because we have decided and dedicated to help in this area.

We have registered officially and legally our organization in our district headquarter, Dhading. We have our head office in Chalish village of Shertung Village Development committee (VDC) but have settled contact office and meeting place at Paknajol, Kathmandu paying Rs. 6000/- per month house rent. Water bill, electricity and meeting tea costs us minimum about Rs. 10,000/- per month. We have social norms and vision so we have no donors, no sponsors and no contributors we collect at least 300/- per person as a levy from each executive committee members and Rs. 1000/- from president, Rs. 500/- both from vice president and secretary. We know it is not sufficient even to pay house rent then at the end we help by own interest who likes to add more to full fill at least house rent. To be honest sometimes it's painful to ask monies from the ECM and do not get any help from anywhere but we know our mission is not collect or ask support for money from anywhere and anyone so we do our best and we believe that we win one day being success promoting Ganesh Himal region as a best tourist destination.

We have very social prestigious advisor committee of 11 members who are also from Dhading district and well known tourism entrepreneurs in the travel trade. We do also have our working committee of 12 members who are another tourism pioneers their duty and responsibility is to drive whole organization members providing new ideas, suggestions, mission and visions.

We have conducted several meetings, seminars and promotional program in the villages to aware them what is tourism and what advantage and disadvantage you get from tourism. What should do and should not do etc. We know well but unfortunately Nepal has extremely melted by dirty politics and local villages and locals are not far away from its influence so for our trekkers or visitors' safety as well as security we have long discussion with local political representatives and shared the importance of tourism. Finally we have all of their singed code of conduct and promise letter saying none of their political cadres will collect illegal donation, harass, threat, and misbehave or any unnecessary hassle to the tourist. It has given us big hope and confidence that we can promote tourism in this area. As far as we know it has never any coincident till the date in this area but we know well tourism being very sensitive business we are aware of this. We have been training all our locals to alive their culture and custom so that our visitors can enjoy it like having local culture show program, visiting local museum, local mane (local stupas), monastery, temples etc…etc…

We have formed sub committee of our organization GHTDC in every VDC to support our organization and also initiate in promoting tourism by the local youngsters as well as mother and father group. At the moment we do have sub committees in 7 VDC of Ganesh Himal region (especially upper part) but in the near future we will be forming more in the lower parts too so that if anything happens tourist get easily help or we really good and bad news both from them what is happening in the villages.